Can I create a reminder using a tag with a date in it?

I tag all my bills to be paid with the due date. Is there someway I can set up a reminder using this date?

Thanks to all.


I tag all my bills to be paid with the due date.

So your tag is the date? In what format?

What kind of reminder/notification are you looking for?

I use a custom metadata tag: Task-DueDate
and my task list is refreshed each morning via Applescript
I could add a notification action

Thanks DT, I have a tag on my bills with the due date on it. I would like to see a daily routine run that sends me a message “Your Amex bill is due in 3 days”. I don’ know Apple script (maybe this is a good time to learn it. It can’ t be harder than Assembler Language or Cobol in the 60’s). Thanks for the response.

You are not required to use AppleScript for scripting, JavaScript works as well. And if you’re learning another language, JS might be a tad more useful since it’s available nearly everywhere (browsers, desktop, some apps like Drafts).

Do you have all your bills in one database?

Yes, and in one group “bills to be paid”. Each is tagged with a due date and an amount.

Brings back memories; I made a living as a COBOL programmer

Applescript is easier
Here’s the code I use to generate an email to myself

tell application "Mail"
		set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:theSubject, content:theContent, visible:false}
		tell theMessage
			make new to recipient with properties {name:recipientName, address:recipientAddress}
		end tell
end tell

Can you post an example of the date tag you are using?