Can I create highlights with DEVONthink To Go?


Just wondering if there will be the ability to add highlights to RTF files in DEVONthink To Go, like you can in iAnnotate with PDFs, i.e. tap on highlight tool, then drag over some text, and hey presto, text is highlighted.

Would be a great feature if not already implemented


See … ment-28548

Yes, I’m aware I could export to iAnnotate PDF for highlighting PDFs, or, when the upcoming Sente for iPad app comes out, I could use that. However I would like to be able to highlight RTFs as well, and as far as I’m aware there isn’t an App for the iPad which can do this. Hence my asking here. I could of course convert RTFs to PDFs, but then editing becomes a pain, and I would want to be able to edit these documents easily too.

You cannot create new or edit existing RTF(D) documents on the iOS with any app-Apple does not support anything but viewing RTF(D) document at this time.

Ah, I see. So how will DTTG handle note creation? Which format will notes be in and will they be editable on the iPad once created

Note creation and editing are plain text format. There was a previous discussion on file formats/editing in this thread. The topic begins near the bottom of page 1.

Oh dear. No RTF editing in ioS. Another curious Apple omission. So I better start taking notes in txt format in DTP. Is there a way of setting note creation to default to txt instead of RTF in DTP?

Not that I am aware of, and it is a excellent suggestion to add this to the Sorter’s Take Note preferences. I’ve been using the Command-Shift-T toggle shortcut (Format>Make Rich/Plain Text) to convert RTF notes. Using the Convert command works also, but then you end up with a RTF and a plain text copy of the document.

OK. Will add a feature request to this effect. Thanks.