Can I delete all the duplicates in the smart group

I just started 3 months ago with Devonthink and I see that there is automatic a group called Duplicates.
So I see there for example 3 times the same e-mail.

May I assume that if I delete everything inside that group that it’s deleting only the duplicates and not the original e-mail ?

There’s actually no original item, all duplicates are listed (e.g. if two items are identical, then the smart group lists both). But you could use Scripts > Data > Move duplicate to trash… which will keep one copy.

Thanks !

But somehow now my “Trash” map doesn’t show up - how can I view this map or make it visible again ?

A screenshot would be useful.

where can I find the trash map ?

It’s part of the globals, just expand this sidebar section.

Thank you !!