Can I delete DTTG data in iCloud after migrating to Dropbox?

Hi, noob question. I used to sync DT and DTTG using iCloud and also enabled the Backup data to iCloud option in DTTG Settings > Backup. Recently I changed my sync location from iCloud to Dropbox and also disabled Backup data to iCloud, but I noticed that DTTG still had 3.6 GB of data stored in iCloud:

Is this the old sync store or the old backup data? Either way, there shouldn’t be any problem at all if I delete those 3.6 GB, right?

Thank you in advance!

Note: Sync is not a backup and has nothing to do with Backup to iCloud.

You can delete the data for DEVONthink if you’re no longer syncing with iCloud.

Thanks for the clarification and confirmation, Jim! Always appreciate your quick and helpful replies :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome and thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile: