Can I remove a file from a Smart Group

I have some Smart Groups set up to gather items I need to look at more often, that works great. The problem I have is that besides the designated things I want to group it often gathers up other files that have the same word. For example I am using DT to store invoices and bank statements. When I set up the Smart Group to look for a specific companies invoices it also brings in the bank statements with checks made out to that company.

Is there a way I can go through the smart groups and tell DT that something doesn’t belong there such as you can do with email programs and the junk folder? My files are not that large that I can’t manually edit them once in a while.


No. Smart Groups are NOT folders containing items. They are groups showing items that match criteria. The only way to make them disappear from a group is to remove the matching criteria.

Though I don’t know your individual situation, you could add an “Unread is On” criteria.

Smart Groups are not folders or groups. They do not contain things. They are saved searches - they merely display things they found based on the rules you gave them. When you’re not looking at a Smart Group, there is “nothing” inside it (Schrödinger’s file, perhaps? :unamused: ). When you drag something out of a Smart Group, you’re actually dragging a copy of it out of the place where it is stored and not from the Smart Group (spooky action at a distance :stuck_out_tongue: ) For this reason, you cannot add or subtract something unless you change the rule that controls the group.

A simple way to do that is to add a rule to the group that looks for a particular tag, in addition to the other rules you’ve already defined. Documents that have the tag could be eliminated from the group – for example

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t know enough about how DT works to realize it was just looking at the data that was kept elsewhere.

There would be too many exceptions to even begin excluding them so I will just have to make do with what it is.

Have a good wknd.