Can i run this app on macincloud

Hi Guys,

We have a situation where we need volunteers from our organisation from different parts of the world to access the reports and scans that we upload on the app via the browser similar to how it works on the local mac.

Can i host the app on - www dot macincloud dot com
Will the app then use the public IP of the VM or any settings to choose which IP to use so the search and browse via the browser can be exposed to to our volunteers ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome @forarchives

No you cannot run DEVONthink in the cloud. You also can’t put the databases in the cloud or in any cloud-synced location or you could irreparably damage them.

The Server edition has a built-in web server allowing you to broadcast a database on a network. This allows you to access specific databases in a web browser, including on other platforms. (See the Help referenced below regarding access over the Internet.) It has per-database, per-user permissions you can set to control access to the databases you have open.
More discussion of web sharing is covered in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Web sharing, Windows > Web Sharing, and Preferences > Server.

Well, Macincloud uses Macs and therefore the Server edition could indeed be hosted there. But actually any Mac in your organisation would be sufficient to run the Server edition if it’s accessible from the outside.