Can I safely delete DEVONcloudy items from Keychain

In the interest of keeping my database(s) as secure as possible, (I prefer to store all my passwords, etc. in 1Password instead of Apple’s Keychain is it possible for me to delete these “DEVONcloudy” items and all these other items that are showing up from my “devon” search in the Keychain

I’m totally fine having to enter all my encryption passwords manually each time I open DT on my Mac (I know, I’m insane.)

Thanks in advance for anyone’s insight!

These entries in the keychain are actually optional and especially useful to look up the currently used encryption keys (e.g. to set up sync on another device) but removing them shouldn’t cause any troubles. However, the first and the last entry were not created by DEVONthink.

If you think you’re possibly insane, I don’t use any password managers. I know all my passwords in my own password management app… my brain :stuck_out_tongue:
Most people think that’s insane :smiley:

Makes me wonder whether you don’t have many passwords or whether you’re using a certain scheme for your passwords :wink:

Okay cool, I’ll go ahead and make sure they’re stored correctly in 1Password before I delete them from my iCloud Keychain. Thanks!

Wow! That’d be risky for me, but if you can always remember them, there’s nothing more secure than that – kudos!

Actually this approach has one major disadvantage too - what if you wake up some day and can’t remember all your passwords anymore?


Well, here’s a few of my passwords…



Then I likely couldn’t do my job, put on pants, feed myself, etc. and I’d have bigger problems. :slight_smile: