Can I scan images with simple sequential filenames?


Sometimes I need to do rapid scanning, and I’d like there to be a single triggering event, with everything semi automated after that trigger, (one mouse click?) the filenames of the files saved at first need to be unique and sequential.

How can I just pick a prefix or suffix and then have it scan and insert a number padded with zeros so it remains the same size, so file listings always work. Sometimes I want OCR, sometimes not, regardless, i want the originals and I want them to be uniform in filename.

say 20110328_project2_00047.jpg, 20110328_project2_00048.jpg

Also, it would be really cool to have a switch to get it to not change filenames of imported files if they satisfied some condition you could set. Just index them, and maybe put them somewhere, but not change their names.

This should be possible using ExactScan, see field “File name” in tab “Filing” of command File > Import > Document (from ExactScan).