Can I sync my DT databases to pcloud?

Is it possible to use pCloud to sync my DT databases to instead of my limited storage iCloud?

If so, will the DT databases be encrypted in pCloud just like they are in iCloud?


Frankly, I do not know as I’ve never used (nor heard of) pCloud. Others might comment.

But DEVONthink offers sync with WebDAV servers, so if pCloud can offer you access to a WebDAV server it might work. I looked at their web site and they don’t mention and I don’t see any technical documentation. But perhaps ask them? See p. 67 of “DEVONthink Handbook” 3.8.6 version how to setup and the comment there about encryption.

Do you actually need internet sync using third party service providers? Have you considered Bonjour?

I was just trying to see if there was a good option, other that iCloud, like DropBox, to sync to.


I just gave you two options to try, and the “DEVONthink Manual” mentions CloudMe and “other cloud servers”.

First decision, though, is do you “really” need a third party internet-based sync service? Your choice.

  • All sync methods offer encryption as an option.

  • There is no specific support for pCloud but they do offer WebDAV. However, it is only available to paid pCloud users, so no free accounts have access.

    As far as reliability, etc., we have no control over that. I second @rmschne’s inquiry as to whether you actually need a remote sync option. See…


That’s fine. I was just wondering. Thank you.

You’re welcome.
If you do decide to give them money and use pCloud’s WebDAV, feel free to share your experience with the rest of the class. :slight_smile:

I’m a pCloud member. It’s a fantastic service. I don’t want to mess up the iCloud sync that’s working perfectly so I’ll just leave things alone …
Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Happy syncing :slight_smile:

I have a 2TB pCloud plan. Their apps work perfectly on iMac, iPad and iPhone. I tested the Webdav sync 2 times for syncing Devonthink, I got a lot of errors so I decided to stay with Bonjour for all my databases except the global inbox (which is synced with iCloud).

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Yep, that’s the plan I have also.

Unfortunately, since I use 2FA, the webdav won’t work with their system. They are aware of this issue and say they’re working to add that support (“app password”?).


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