Can I sync one-way only?

Is there a way to set sync so that the iPad receives only? I never want it to send changes in DT to my desktop.

No, syncs are by default always two-way. You can, of course, remove all databases from DEVONthink To Go and then re-sync them back from the Mac. This keeps the changes from being synced.

This is the worst “sync” implementation I have ever seen. Every deleted file on the Mac gets synced back from the iPad! Who came up with this idea? Completely useless and the suggestion to delete the iPad database to “sync” to an empty iPad is completely off the mark. I do not see how you seriously suggest to download a 200MB file for the sake of a few but crucial bytes. Please change this feature asap, it spoils a otherwise great product.

Here’s something to read… … -comments/

Do you really want to know who came up with this?
Completely useless” contradicts " it spoils a otherwise great product."

Consider if someone came into your workplace and said these kind of things about some project you were working on. We are not above criticism - in fact, without it we can only progress so far. Constructive criticism builds up while negative criticism only tears down.

I hope your intention was to help us make a better product but try to be gentle about it. Offer a hand, not a fist.