Replace Skitch for "img" links?

It appears that Evernote, with today’s release 2.0 of Skitch, has eliminated or dumb-downed most of the functionality of the application – especially the ability to save private direct links to images made by screen shots. I have – and I believe many writers on this forum – have been using those private links in [img] tags in posting.

I’m looking for recommendations to replace Skitch for this purpose. For example, TinyGrab could be a possibility if they’ve overcome their old missing links problems. Though their blog hasn’t been updated since Feb. 2012 … which could be a bad sign.

It appears that old links at will still be valid … for a while … though in time I suspect “missing image” holes will eventually show on this forum and others. :cry:

I’d stop linking to images before I would go back to TinyGrab, but that’s another discussion. I switched to Captured for all my screen grabs after switching from TinyGrab and I could not be happier with it-works great. It’s $3.00 on the MAS-link to the Web site.

I’ve also been very pleased with CloudApp, although I usually use it to upload documents. It will handle screen captures also.

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