Can I Sync Whole Databases?

I would like to sync the entire contents of my databases to DTTG, but I can’t seem to do this without either creating a group for that purpose – which I would rather not do – or by replicating individual files to the sync group, which means I will have to manually add files to that group every time I add them to the database. Is there a way to sync an entire database without using either of these methods?

I have tried replicating each of my inboxes to the Sync group for that database, but nothing is transferred to my iPad when I synchronize, which makes me think this feature may not supported.

In any case, thanks for creating such a great product!


There is not currently a way other than those two methods. We are working on an overhaul to the sync code which should give a better interface for choosing what files/groups are synced.

It appears (from my testing) that we don’t allow replicating an entire Inbox to the Mobile Sync group (unless it’s the main Inbox, which will sync directly with DtTG’s Global Inbox).

Okay. Thanks for checking into this.


I’m also someone who is eagerly waiting a simple way to synch an entire database. I’d like a simple preference switch. Synch entire database or synch via synch group. If I select entire then no matter what I do the whole thing should be synced. I can separate my databases out easily that way. If I have one where I want only parts to sync I can do that if I have the option but the current method is cumbersome, flakey and hard to manage.