Can i trust the databases that i converted into .dtBase2?

Can i trust the databases that i converted into .dtBase2 and delete the old .dtBase files?
I did not have the time to manually verify the contents, and the database files differ heavily in size - for example: a .dtBase file has 800MB, converted to dtBase2 there rest 200MB! Perhaps backups are not included in the converted databases?

Are there any major known problems with the Beta, or can i switch entirely to DTPro2 at this moment?

Best regards, Louise.

I’ve been working exclusively with DTPO 2.0 since early December and my databases are rock solid. You should see performance improvements and many conveniences and enhancements in DEVONthink 2.

Remember that in DEVONthink 1.x all text, HTML and WebArchive files were stored in the monolithic database and had to be loaded into memory when the database was opened. Also, each internal Backup folder included those contents as well. So it’s to be expected that the file size of a DT 2 database will be smaller, as the filetypes mentioned above are now stored in the Finder rather than in the monolithic database, and are not therefore copied over and over into each internal Backup folder.

Thank you. That’s very interesting. :bulb: I opened the .dtBase / .dtBase2 packages and could see, what you were talking about.

Is there a place where known issues with the beta version are listed? Or can you give a vague idea about when the final version will be here?

Thanks again, louise.

Known issues are listed in the Upgrader’s Guide.

Where can i find this Upgrader’s Guide? The search on doesn’t know about it and google doesn’t know about it :unamused:

But the Beta looks very promising, thank you!! 8)

It’s on the downloaded disk image.