Can I use DTTG to process inboxes?

I’ve been on the fence and waiting to pick up DTTG for the right use case for me to present itself - I think I have one.

Can I process my global inbox, or a database inbox, using DTTG? That would be a great ipad/iphone task to accomplish from the couch or while on a train or subway.


Rick Colosimo

Perhaps you could say what “process the inbox” means for you? Read? Annotate? Write replies or take notes? Sort into folders?

Thanks –

Process means move the files from the inbox to other existing folders, at a minimum. So they’re not in the inbox any more.


That’s what I assumed; had to check.

It’s not possible with DTTG to move things among folders, create folders, etc. IMO, a major shortcoming of the app. :neutral_face:

Thanks for that helpful response.

I guess I will wait for another version or a different need to arise. Copies of documents in the DVT database isn’t useful enough for me often enough right now. Perhaps once I clean out those inboxes, I can use DTTG to clean up the quality of the documents and their metadata.