Can I use Postbox with DEVONthink PRO?

I’ve searched this but most of the replies are from years ago

I have been using Apple Mail but having changed one of my emails to Zoho have found that not all the emails are being downloaded and have also had similar problems with a gmail account as well. DT has installed various links in the drop down menus of Apple Mail which are very convenient to use, particularly in archiving emails

Having made a search Postbox seems to be well considered but will I have the same facility of use as there is with Apple Mail? I’ve installed a trial version of Postbox but there are no similar insertions in the drop down menus, although presumably I can just copy over at the relevant block of emails, which I currently do on a monthly basis. Will DT automatically not record emails already saved as it does currently with Apple Mail?

Any comments from anyone already using Postbox with DT PRO would be very welcome

I’m using a 2011 iMac with Yosemite installed

No. Apple Mail is the only supported email application with its own custom plugin.

Not sure what you mean here as DEVONthink doesn’t automatically import emails from any source.

Thanks for your reply

Apologies, I obviously didn’t express myself clearly about emails imported more than once. My understanding (although I’ve just tried unsuccessfully to find where I thought I’d seen it) was that when emails are imported which have already been imported then DT won’t accept them. Is this correct? However I did see a setting in Preferences making such emails replicants so I may have misunderstood

No doubt you will put me straight!

You are correct on both counts. Previously imported emails will not be imported again (even if they are in the database’s Trash) unless you specify the option in Preferences > Mail.