Can not scroll in DA Browser


strange behavior here with my DA Browser. When I double click on my results list the browser opens and I can scroll the list with the thumbnails, click on them and the page is loaded into the right window…but in this window I can’t scroll the page…?

Any idea?



Which version do you use and which URL did you load? Does it work again after restarting DEVONagent or the computer?

I have the exactly same problem.
any web pages in the new window or tab, clicked from the result lists, are stuck in the DA browsers.
When I open the pages in the new tab or window, scrolling problem disappears. Refresh doesn’t work.
Not using contextual menu in the result lists but clicking “launch url” button do a good job. Clicking “open” button makes sporadic errors, though.

Looking forward to workable fix.

Which version of macOS/DEVONagent do you use? Do you use any third-party Internet plug-ins (see folder /Library/Internet Plug-Ins on startup volume)?