Can search PDF on iPad, but not when synchronized to Mac (PDFs generated in GoodNotes or Notability on iPad)

I am trying to get my handwritten notes into DT so that they will be searchable along with everything else. I can export these notes from my note-taking apps on iOS (GoodNotes and Notability), and send to DTTG as PDF via the share sheet. When I open the PDF in DTTG, I can search, and the text will be found and highlighted. However, when the PDF is synchronized to the desktop application via cloud sync, the same searches (or any) yield no results. Any ideas why it would be a different experience?

Welcome @blujaxfan

Are you referring to in-document searching of the PDF in DEVONthink To Go?

Both in the mobile version, which works, and the Mac version, which does not. Attached a screenshot where it has found the letters ‘test’ in the handwritten PDF. Doing same search on Mac yields no results. Also, this screenshot is from my phone after the document synchronized from the iPad, where it was created.

OK, a bit of user error, and a bit of different interface interaction. On the Mac, you need to hit enter to execute the search, on iOS the search happens as you type the search term. So, ultimately problem is solved, and I can start automating this workflow. I have been a DevonThink user for 11 years, and this might be the most excited I have been!

Check the dropdown in the toolbar search. There should be an option „Search while typing“.

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