Can someone help me with a simple script to copy files?

I want to copy files from X DEVONthink folder to Y HardDrive Folder.

Also, what does this do? Does it just run a script on every file that’s added to the folder?

Can someone help me with this?

You can attach a triggered script to a Group. It will run each time the Group is selected (ie. not automatically, but with some minimal user interaction).

Note: No Groups in a database exist on your file system (ie. there is no Mobile Sync folder under-the-hood).

And there’s no way to Automate it? For example, just have it run the script when something is Added to that?

No. It is triggered by a User interacting directly with it. It does not make it a watched folder.

If you want a group in DEVONthink to have the same files as a folder in the filesystem, then put your new files in the filesystem folder and index that folder in DEVONthink. If you create a new file in the database and put it in that group, then use select that file and use “Move to External Folder” (i.e., the folder in the file system) from the contextual menu.

There’s a triggered script somewhere here in the forum that I posted a long time ago that can be attached to the group and cause added files to be moved externally. I have no idea where it is, right now. But you know about “search”?