Can’t drag&drop onto folders, have to drop into folders

I do a lot of drag & dropping on my iPad and it’s currently not possible to drop onto folders, only long-holding until DT opens the folder, then releasing. Here’s a video:


Sorry for the weird crop, I didn’t want to show the thumbnails of what was in those items but you get the idea :slight_smile:

Other quirks related to groups: that sometimes mess with things: Selecting multiple items and hitting CMD-ALT-G sometimes opens the “Go To Page” dialog for whatever reason. And when going through the menu it creates a group with 1 item, even though the sidebar has multiple selected

(While I’m at it - a shortcut for “set name as” would be very lovely. File organization and quick name setting are my most common actions)

Drag and drop to a group requires a pause to open that group to receive the drop. It’s not a bug. You could explicitly open this group first, then drop directly into it.

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Deleted post - just realized this is DTTG not DT Mac

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