Can the Info button be put back in the DTTG toolbar?

I’ve given version 3.3 of DTTG some time, and quite soon noticed the relocated Info button in DTTG

It was available in the toolbar, but now requires an extra click as it’s now under the (…) button. It might be only me, but I’d rather have the Info button put back in the toolbar in exchange for the outline button for example (I’ve actually never used the outline button in I don’t know how many years of DTTG).

Also: the (…) button is redundant. You get exactly the same menu when long pressing the document in the document list.

Anybody else who would favor bringing back the info button?

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Given limited space on iOS screens … to put this button on, what button do you propose be removed?

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If you are in full screen, and many people are, the item list is hidden. This means it would take more than two taps to access the Info popover.

I’d guess that this is about “discoverability”: You’d have to know that you can long press a document, whereas the … button indicates that there might be something to be unveiled by clicking/touching it.

Of course, if everyone read and remembered the documentation… which is as probable as world peace.


More clicks. I agree, that would be even worse! :grinning:

Anyway, I would be the first to admit that the relocated Info button is a first world problem for me of course, but I happen to use it quite frequently to add a public URL for example or link documents with the UUID.

But if many people are happy with all the other buttons in the toolbar, then who am I to complain on the day before Christmas? :christmas_tree:

Happy Holidays! :snowman_with_snow:

Happy holidays to you and yours as well, from all of us at DEVONtechnologies :slight_smile:

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