Can we collapse databases in contextual menus

Could I make a request for a right click menu.

When I select a document and right click–> move to–>> the menu that appears at this point is the one I am referring to. Would it be possible to have a collapsable triangle at side of each Database name. (like in the sidebar)

The problem is I have 6 databases open with many groups in. I often have to scroll down many pages. This menu for me can 4 pages long of scrolling.If I can collapse a database I am not using it would be better.

You might argue why dont you just close the database, but I am in and out of them all the time and need them open.

Thank you for the suggestion! Currently it’s just a menu which doesn’t support such things. The Data > Move To… popover might be an alternative.

Actually it is in there isn’t it…Silly me. Thanks