Can we get a preference setting for global custom Javascript to be included in Markdown rendering?

There is already a preference entry for a custom style sheet, and even though it claims to require a filename, it actually also works perfectly with an x-devonthink-item:// URL as well.

This has been asked for multiple times in the “How to enable Prism on DT 3.5?” thread, like here and here. Well, it asks for a specific file in Application Support, but I think treating it the same as the custom stylesheet makes more sense and is even more flexible.

Having a second entry to specify a link to custom Javascript would be perfect and give us complete freedom to influence the rendering of Markdown globally. It should also stop people asking for more languages and plugins to be included in the bundled prism support.

@cgrunenberg Is there a chance to get this? Is this the right place to ask for it?

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On the other hand, it might cause people to ask questions about how to add their beloved language to a JavaScript file … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That shouldn’t be a problem so long as you are here :wink:

We’ll consider this for future releases but no promises yet.

Any news on that topic?

No, there is nothing to report.