Can we make Search Set "folders" ?

I have quite a few search sets, the list in my drop down is therefore getting (unwieldy) long. As with plugins which allow indentation through a folder-like structure, is it possible to do this with search sets also?

If not, please consider this a request for one of the next versions of DA.

Search Sets are stored in a .plist file, so no.

Not yet but we’ll consider this for future releases. How many search sets do you currently use? Please note that you can use a search set without having to use the menu too, e.g. just enter :, for example marketing:test.

I would support the request for the folder in search set list. I would like to sort my set by case/client as each case has different sets.


Some of this could be solved by making the window bigger and/or resizable: you would then be able to “code” the folder structure in the Search Set names AND read them without trickery :wink:


is there any chance that the “folder for search sets” questions will be part of a future release?



It’s at least planned for future upgrades.

Great, looking forward to that :slight_smile:


Renewing the pleas for search set folders and a way to search for specific sets. At the moment, I have about 270 search sets and its been unmanageable for a while now. Given that it has been planned for over two years, when can we expect to see tis feature?

Not anytime soon, I’m afraid, as other projects have a higher priority.

As a long-time user (12 years I think), I have to say I am very disappointed in this which has been discussed for four years now.DA is clearly a product aimed at seartch professionals and there must be many others besides me who have accumulated a large number of search sets. I have reached the point where the lack of even the ability to search the sets for a particular name is starting to cripple my ability to use the product and I have no idea what I am going to do about it. Is it really expected that I should have to scrol through hundreds of sets looking for a particular name and hoping not to miss it?

Not all happy…I guess I will resort to searching the Search set plist which will at least tell me if a particular set exists although I will still have to scroll through hundreds of entries to find it.

Due to another revision it’s actually now in the pipeline.

Excellent news…hope to hear more soon!

It will be part of the next release.