Can we play videos with subtitles?

I have a video A.mp4, and a subtitle file, but I just couldn’t find a way to let the video player use the subtitle.

The most relavant (and probably the only relavant) post I’ve found is Script Request: Merging Video and Subtitle Files

but from the content of that post, I guess the poster was also troubled by the problem that you cannot use subtitles when playing video files in devonthink3, so that he wanted to merge subtitles and videos into one file.

I think subtitle support would be great, especially when we are studying a course with complex vocabulary, or a course in foreign language.

By the way, some statistics show that young people are very likely to turn subtitles on when they watch online stream video. So I think there is indeed a need for subtitle support.

I do not think enabing subtitles is too much a difficult feature. The only reason I can think of not having this feature is that the video and subtitle files are in different locations in devonthink database. However this is also not a big issue. You can just prompt to select where the subtitle is, or more intuitively like what IINA does now: just drag and drop the subtitle file into the video you’re playing, and that subtitle is turned on.


I later figured out that there are different kinds of subtitles: “soft” embeded subtitles, hard substitles, and external subtitles.

What I was originally referring to in the post is external subtitles.

But I still think external subtitle support would be great. Now I use ffmpeg to merge my video files and subtitles so that I can view subtitles in devonthink3. But it is troublesome.

Why? You could probably automate that process, even using a smart rule in DT.