Can you filter search results for items not in a group?

As a casual but regular DEVONthink user:

Is it possible to gather all ungrouped items into a smart group and filter items that are grouped out of search results?

Currently, I’m categorising files into research areas. However, when starting a new area (by creating a group, and searching for files to add to it) I’m encountering files I’ve already added to other groups. My question is asking whether I can filter these out, either in the search results or automatically with a smart group - and how.

Thank you in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

The location of items is shown under the name in search results.

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Thanks for the response. Ah, and sorry for the confusing description. I was wondering whether I could filter my search results for all items not currently in a group.

This is currently only possible by excluding the group from searching, see Info inspector.

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Alright. Thanks a lot.

Thank you guys for adding the option to exclude sub-groups from the search results in the latest 3.9 update. :slight_smile:

Usage insight

If your central database has the files organised:

/ [file, file, file, etc.]

‘Exclude Subgroups’ enables you to find your “unorganised” files (i.e. files yet to be organised into a group). You can then use the ‘Move To’ hotkey to add them to an existing or new group. Thus, this new option allows you to organise files into groups quickly.

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We’re glad you’re finding it useful! :slight_smile:

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