Can you help me convert a colleague?

I’ve been begging and begging a marketing partner/colleague to implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done (a.k.a. GTD) model along with DevonThink to better organize his workflow.

I think he’s ready to try it… unfortunately, he’s a PC user – it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever consider a Mac.

With that said, will DevonThink ever be offered for PC users? If not, is there a DT alternative out there for PC users? (I searched the forum for “PC” and there were no results found.)

I apologize in advance if I offend anyone about recommending a competitive product:>

At least not in the foreseeable future.

The PC user who refuses to buy a Mac may in time be a dying breed. The new Mac models are all Intel machines. They will boot Windows via Boot Camp or emulate Windows via Parallels Workstation; both require installation of Windows XP.

The next step forward is Crossover Mac, which will run selected Windows programs without installation of the Windows OS.


Other Windows emulators are available and some of them are getting speedy. You need to persuade your colleague to buy new hardware, one that runs both Windows and the Mac OS. That will make his adoption of DTP more feasible.

What a nightmare! :smiley:

Well, that’s pretty useful to me as an educator, because my students work on both Windows and Mac, and I’d rather give them demonstrations from one machine than two. Otherwise, I agree, Windows is a certified nightmare as an operating system.