Can you jump to a tag?

If you are viewing a note it’s possible to select the info for the note, tap the location and jump to that group.

Is it possible somehow to similarly jump to one of the tags a document is tagged with?

It might be worth explaining why I want to do this:

I want to make it easy to navigate through a web/graph of notes without laboriously creating links and backlinks for relationships. If I open a note tagged with #Science I’d like to easily view other notes in tagged with #Science. At the moment I have to navigate from where I am up to tags, and scroll to find my #Science tag to do that, which seems laborious.

I can do better by abandoning DTTG tags and instead use groups and replicants. I can create a group with the name #Science and then replicate notes into it (in fact this seems to be how tags actually work in DTTG).

The advantage of doing this is that if I open the info of a note I see all the groups it’s in and can tap on any group to reveal the note in that group and thus all the related notes. This is something you can’t do with tags as far as I can tell.

While this achieves my goal I can’t help feeling I’m being perverse by not using the built in tags.

Am I missing something?

Not an answer, but I agree it would be nice if tapping or perhaps double tapping a tag would take you to that tag in the tag list.

If I tap one now, the keyboard shows up (so the tapping is recognized already), but that appears to be it sadly.

Yes, I think tapping a tag selects it and activates they keyboard so it can easily be deleted with the delete key.

OmniFocus solves this same issue (somewhat inconsistently) by having an arrow (go to) button on the project and a small (go to or remove) menu that comes up with tag tap.

Long press seems like a logical way it could be provided.

Pretty please for long press jump to tag? :pray:

Each already existing tag has a small menu while hovering (e.g. in the Tags bar or the tags field of the Info inspector) which includes the possibility to reveal the tag.

I think you may be talking about the desktop version. If I hover my finger over my iPad nothing happens.



Oops… sorry, my fault :slight_smile:

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