can you open two copies of the database if you rename one?

Suppose that I have Database A on my hard drive, and Database A (which differs slightly) on an external drive. If I rename External Drive Database A to Database B, will I be able to open both of them at once without data corruption, or does DTPO still know that they’re the same?

I’m trying to do this for purposes of comparison. In the absence of a syncing solution–which is becoming more and more of a problem for me, because I work on two different computers in two different places–I have tried to establish the database on the external hard drive as the master. Unfortunately, I know that I have added things to the one on my desktop, and probably to the one on my laptop as well, that aren’t in the master. I realize now that the solution is to have only one, and just plug it in wherever I am, but I’d like to compare what I have so I wind up with one that contains everything.

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I am not an expert, however, I have been though this potential 'Opps" and it is not pretty.
Until they release a multi-user version and a sync version. If you are going to need to access your database on the road (laptop) and work on your desktop as well when you return to the office. And using dropbox is not the answer either. The current solution is to use an exterior drive. Which can be a total pain of one more thing that is more delicate than the label says. I would suggest reading the section on backups and under troubleshoot how to back up and restore, and come up with a step by step checklist procedure on backing up. That exterior drive is now the master file. Use the copy on your desk top as a back up and your laptop copy as well. Keep a hard copy folder of the new stuff till you do the backup, and that is what I am having to do as well.
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Yes, it will.

But if you rename the database in the Finder, it will still be shown in DtPO with it’s old name. If your rename it in DtPO, this will not change the name of the database in the Finder .
So to not get confused in either application I would

  • rename the database from DtPO (> menu bar > File > Database Properties > Name)
  • close the database (or quit DtPO)
  • rename it in the Finder
  • open it from either application then

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