Can you rename the (global) Inbox in Finder sidebar?

I’ve got other “inboxes” and it would be convenient if I could rename to say “Global Inbox.”

Technically you can rename it, but when I tried to do that it stopped working for me.

Does anyone know if this option is possible or will it still cause issues if the Inbox is renamed? I already have an Inbox in my sidebar, and I’ll rename it if I can. Otherwise, I can deal with it, but I want to double-check before doing so.

No, you cannot rename it. This is easily testable. Drop a folder in the sidebar, right-click and rename it and you’ll see that the original is renamed as well. No difference with ours.

You can spoof it. Make a folder named Global Inbox. Use Hazel or a folder action to immediately transfer whatever you put into your “Global Inbox” into the [DEVONthink] Inbox.

Or just use one of the existing DEVONthink folder actions on your “Global Inbox” folder and skip the spoof. These folder actions are installed from the DEVONthink menu.

I’m sorry for not being clear. I meant I’m already using a folder of my own somewhere else called Inbox. After installing DTPO, I see Inbox and Inbox in my sidebar. I was referring to renaming my own personal Inbox that has nothing to do with DTPO, so I don’t see two Inboxes in my sidebar.

You can right click anything in Finder’s sidebar, choose Get Info, and rename it.

Thank you! I’m going to experiment with this.