Can you set Default PDF View to ZOOM to WIDTH


When I view PDF images in the main window of DTPro (set to 3 panes), I cannot find a way to set the default view to FULL WIDTH. I have to set this for each document, which is slow when scrolling through a number of documents.

Am I missing something obvious!



I would like to add the wish again for a new feature , please, let us the option that double-click o, a PDF open it in Apples Preview and not in the DTPO Viewer.

On a 15" Screen, the DTPO Viewer opens not big enough.

Thank you

Just to hijack the OP’s thread a bit more

You can have this feature right now for the price of a single click. Customize your toolbar by adding this icon:

This assumes you have already defined Preview on your computer as the default Open With program for PDFs. Select a PDF in DEVONthink. Click that icon (once). The PDF will open in Preview. If you don’t like clicking, then for any file in DEVONthink, Shift-Command-O will open that file in the default program for the file type.

HI, thank you.

Double-click would be quicker/more intuitive, but meanwhile, why not… :slight_smile:

I work on a MacBook Pro Retina with 15 inch screen, and usually in the Three Panes view of databases. I’ve set PDFs to display as Zoom to Width (with Sidebar – View > PDF Display > Sidebar). Often, I can read enough in the display pane of the Three Panes view to satisfy my interest. If not, I can press Command-F7 to view the PDF at a comfortable size in Full Screen (Document). Or open the PDF in its own window and drag the left edge of the window rightwards, to result in a size comfortable for reading.

I use the Annotation template for annotations of PDFs, usually with the PDF open in its own window and the Annotation note and other related documents such as interesting See Also suggestions as tabs in that window.

thanks Bill for sharing your interesting workflow methods


In 3 pane view

  1. I have set View / Zoom to Width - but this setting is lost when I click on another PDF (or any document for that matter). DTPro returns to Zoom to Fit

  2. What I want to achieve is that DTPro keeps the setting ZOOM to WIDTH - is this possible to do? If yes HOW?

  3. COMMAND F7 - does nothing for me - any idea why?

This is likely because in System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard, the preference “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” is un-checked.

If this is unchecked and you want to duplicate Bill’s functionality you’d need to press cmd-fn-F7.

Hi Scott - thanks for the explanation ref F7

Problem solved, thanks to Christian from the DT Team (in case anyone else has this problem…)

the latest versions of DEVONthink include default zoom settings for PDF documents and images, see Preferences > Media. Switching to single pages (continuous) should zoom to width.