Can You Update Database By D & Drop File into DT??

Dear DT’ers:

Perhaps this has already been answered, but does the database update automatically each time you drag and drop an new file or doc into a folder or location that you asked DT to OCR & Index, or do you need to reindex the entire database? Can this reindexing, if it occurs, be scheduled?



The database automatically updates whenever content is added, modified or deleted.

Thanks Bill for the response:

So, let’s see if I get this straight: You choose the data/folders to be in the database, then begin the index and OCR process, and then when that is finshed, from then on…

1…any doc you add to that newly created Devonthink database after it has been indexed will then also be indexed and OCR’d automatically; or

2…any new doc that you add to those folder that you asked Devonthink to index and OCR will now also be indexed and OCR’d.

Or is there some other process that I’ve missed or do not understand.

btw, I use Devonthink Pro Office.

Thanks again for the help,