Cancel doesn't work?

I use dropbox with DEVONthink. I try to be very careful about closing one copy before leaving the house with my laptop and the other copy.

Sometimes DEVONthink opens itself as a result of some scripts I have attached to Mail rules and sometimes for reasons I’m not yet able to identify. It then gives a warning (in my absence) that the database is in use, as it should.

As long as I quit DEVONthink when I come home without answering this warning, nothing corrupts my database (If opened, Dropbox will add “Conflicted” copies of the .dtMeta files within the database package, which causes problems)

However, if I press “Cancel” (instead of “continue”) which presumably should open DEVONthink without opening the previously open database, sometimes DEVONthink ignores my instructions and opens up the database anyways.

Shouldn’t “Continue” and “Cancel” produce different results? That is, that the “cancel” does not try to open the locked database?

Is it because I have my database chosen as “Default Database” in the preferences? Is it because I have “Open windows that were open on quit” set? Shouldn’t these not matter, since the attempt to open the locked database has been “cancelled”?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences on this problem.

I’ve just tried to reproduce this (by using force quit and launching DEVONthink again) but cancelling doesn’t open the database as expected. In case this should happen again, could you send screenshots of all alerts plus a screenshot of the sidebar after launching? Thanks in advance.