Cancelling OCR on multiple items

Hi, is there any way to cancel a bulk OCR process, other than cancelling each document one by one? Even closing the app, rebooting etc brings the process back, and at this rate it won’t be finished until the 2nd Biden Administration.


There isn’t a cancel all option for the OCR. How big are the documents that you are trying to OCR?

Some are hundreds of pages, so there’s several hundred documents, some of them very large.

Are you trying to OCR hundreds of documents in one long queue?

Yes, via a smart rule.

I would not suggest doing this. It’s better to process smaller batches than to try and force feed hundreds in one go. The smart rule could be efficiently used for subsequent OCR needs.

Does the smart rule process all PDF documents or only those which are not yet searchable?

It processes PDFs with 0 words, tho one or two PDF+texts seem to fall into the net.

Yes, definitely learned my lesson. I should have done the backlog manually.

Just like my mother used to often say at mealtimes, “Hey! Slow down! You’re going to choke.”