Cannot archive anymore from the script menu

I am running devonthink pro office beta 6 under mac OS 10.5.7 and since I upgraded I am no longer able to run devonthink backups as the script command (export archive) does not appear in the menu.

I was currently using this command as suggested by Bill de Ville

In addition there is another strange behaviour , I have a RSS feed from the user Forum in my Database, upon receipt I converd all threads in RTF format
strangely ALL feeds are duly converted but the fonts used is a kind of gothic !! In the preferences I duly indicated it should be verdana

Any ideas ?

Smiling tiger

I don’t understand what


Go to Preferences for Devonthink, RSS, and you probably have “Newspaper.rss” selected. Check a different css profile and it should fix the output. It’s a style formatting .css for your feeds.

Thats what I did ! Actually I use default.css
The strange font is Lucida blockletter cannot get rid of it in the converting process …

This has been replaced with File > Export > Database Archive… (see release notes).

Thanks for your prompt response and my “lazy” question it must be boring to answering people who do not even read the release notes

Againthank you for this topnotch product … very stable … never had a single problem I use every single day and have now more than 15 topical databases.
Please continue the good work … a new version is always exciting !