Cannot boolean search inside document in DTTG

Hi there, I appreciate the DTTG search in the left panel support boolean search, but once search results across multiple pdfs has been generated, we have to dive further into specific pdf to locate that result, so we have to search INSIDE that pdf again to do so. But it doesn’t work the same as you do on the left panel search by using boolean search. The pdf inside search only supports simple search method. I wonder what the point is to support advanced search on the left panel global search but not inside specific pdf? We still can’t locate the desired search result in a pdf anyway. Please correct me if I miss out on something. Any response is much appreciated!

Perhaps the cross-document search uses the DTTG index which does not contain locations inside documents. And the inside-search uses some function of the framework which does not support operators.
Just a wild guess.

@chrillek is correct on this. The PSPDFKit framework does not support Boolean operators in searches.