Cannot capture an Apple Maps bookmark anymore

I used to be able to store an Apple Maps bookmark from the Maps app, by selecting a location in Maps, tapping the share button, and tapping DEVONthink. Since a couple of weeks this no longer stores the bookmark, but instead only gives me a text document.

I’m uncertain if this is the result of a Maps update or an DTTG update. I can still share the link/location to Apple Notes and other apps. Can this be fixed in DTTG?

We are investigating the effects of some changes to the sharing extension in DEVONthink To Go. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I’m afraid 3.6.3 changed the behaviour a bit, but has not fixed this issue. DTTG now captures two items from sharing a location from maps, a bookmark with name “/” and a “Map item”.

This appears to be a change in the mobile OS as you can see when sharing a Maps location to another app…

Using Share > Copy Link in Maps then Bookmark from Clipboard on DEVONthink To Go’s New Document Assistant does yield an appropriately named (via the address) bookmark.

This seems to fit with my gut feeling that there were changes in iOS coincidental to our changes in Clip to DEVONthink.

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