Cannot connect to DT Server because "This connection is not private"

I wanted to test server and I unregistered one of my seats. Enabled server, created a self-certificate and got the “not private” error in a client Mac. Monterey 12.4.

However now Safari does not gives me option to bypass it as it should do, opening the certificate from inside Safari and changing to “always trust” is not saved and I cannot find the certificate in my Keychain to change it from there.

Internet is not my friend in this case, as all solutions tested do not work. Any idea (I’m pretty sure is a stupid thing I forgot to do)?


Interesting. Edge Chromium shows this:

The self-signed certificate is sufficient to establish a secure connection but browsers don’t trust it by default.

I know, but how I force to trust the certificate? Any solution seems being working. I know the problem is not DT itself.

Edit: without https works fine.

As said, I’m a little bit dumb. I had to click in “visit this site”. It is working.