Cannot copy Database


I take a snapshot of my databases once a year and copy them to my NAS. Now I get the error that a new and very small, inconspicuous database can not be copied because the name of the database is too long or contains invalid characters.
I am sure that this does not mean the database itself, but the documents it contains.
What is the best way to find out which document is causing the problems? I use a Synology with Btrfs.

Hope someone has an idea …

Synology NAS has different rules about file names than does macOSX. Synology NAS does not run on macOSX. Clearly some of the files created inside the DEVONthink “package” (which you see in Finder as a single folder but it’s actually many hundreds/thousands/millions of files) have file names that Synology NAS can’t handle.

So … don’t do it that way.

Better way is the Menu → File → Export → Database Archive which creates a one zip file with a default name that Synology NAS won’t take exception to. Save/copy into your Synology NAS.

See this all described in the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook” or same content in Help.

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Note: This older blog article is still valid today…


  • Do you have Preferences > General > General > More compatible naming of files enabled?
    • If so, I’d suggest you make sure your local backups are current and do a File > Rebuild Database on it.

And I’d suggest you work to shorten your filenames and remove emoji in names too.