Cannot Create Database in any location

Hi, I am using Pro Office 2.9.5 on MacOS Sierra newly installed. No matter what location I try to create a database (not cloud) I receive “cannot create database”. I have never encountered this before. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks

Where did you exactly try to create the database? Could you please send post a screenshot of the error? Thanks!

Make sure you’re not trying to create the Database in ~/Dropbox or ~/Desktop or ~/Documents. As of version 2.9.4 (or was it 2.9.5?) you’re not allowed to create a database in any of those locations or subfolders of those locations.

These folders are still accepted if you’re not yet using Sierra or not synchronising them via iCloud.

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

At this point in time, I assume most are already on Sierra and have possibly activated the iCloud feature for Documents and Desktop (I haven’t so I don’t know why I assume others have defaulted to activating it… Weird I guess)

I think it’s a reasonable guess that people HAVE activated it. For safety’s sake I advocate a new folder in the Home directory as the best location.