Cannot delete an ordinary empty group

I have a ordinary Group like this:

and I cannot delete it:

I’d say intuitively this shouldn’t happen… Why does it happen and what can I do about it?

Thanks for any advice!

What happens if you use the contextual menu (right click on the group name)?


Same thing, no Delete/Move to Trash entry in the menu:

How did you create this group? Are you able to create/delete other items in this database?

I don’t really know - I have a PDF item (indexed on the file system) with the same item name.

The group caught my attention because it wasn’t right to have a group with that name. Maybe the group name is an accident when I pasted with the wrong item selected from the clipboard… In any case it must have happened a while ago. I have no recent recollection of this.

The group did contain some un-related documents and I then was able to move these out to more appropriate locations.

Does verifying the database report any issues?

I just verified the database and got no issues.(*)

(*) Sometimes I do have issues (in various databases) - usually with files in indexed folders: Updates to item names I have done outside of DEVONthink are not reflected in DEVONthink – removing the folder from DEVONthink and re-adding it (via FileIndex Files and…) gets things back into sync.

A screenshot of the complete window plus a screenshot of Preferences > General > Interface might be useful, thanks.

Here you go:


Thank you! Does rebuilding the database fix the issue?

Happy to do the Reindexing @cgrunenberg, but I have a few questions beforehand (see this new topic).

Yes! The group has quietly disappeared. Thanks for the advice.

(The whole thing feels a bit strange though. Any idea where this group had come from?)

Impossible to tell now without any information, maybe due to an issue/corruption in the past.

Fair enough. Probably something which went the wrong path of history…