Cannot drag/drop import anymore

So I cannot drag and drop items into my database like I could a month ago. I’ve put in a support ticket to help set up the Databases that I want to support, but to no avail either. Is anyone else having these issues? I have a screen recording of the issue but cannot upload it here.

Not much to go on here. Version numbers of DEVONthink and macOS? Dragging what from where with what to where? Import with menus on same files work?

Devon 3.8.7
Mac Version 11.1 Big Sur

I can create files inside the program, but I cannot drag a file from my desktop or otherwise into the program at all.

It’s completely unworkable and I cannot use the program in a way that I was used to before. Is there a way to get live customer support? Because nothing is working right now.

This version of macOS is now about 2 years old (Dec 14, 2020 release). Version 13.x is current. Perhaps that is the root cause?

Exactly what is the type of files you have, say on your desktop, that you are trying to drag into DEVONthink?

And exactly to where are you attempting to drop them? Any error messages or something that describes the failure?

Finally, does Menu: File → Import → … work to import files?

Yes, see DEVONtechnologies | Support Center

The folks from DEVONthink will see this probably at some point and may invite you to send in a support request if not solved here.