Cannot drag Omnioutliner file into DTP

I have a file on my desktop. I want to drag it/import it to DTP. I here a “bonk” sound - meaning; i don’t like to participate. I try via the menus. The file is greyed.

Well, it is frustrating to use a productivity tool that is not working…

Thanks for your good support.


in DTP Preferences, Import tab, check the “Unknown files” item and the OO file will be imported.
(Just test here with OO 3.6)

That was the problem!
I have had it ticked before. Somehow it has been changed.

Thanks again!


Well, while this does indeed import the file as such into the database, it does not make the content of that file visible within DTP. At least not in my setup. Any ideas how to make OO3 content visible within the DTP window?

Cheers, Christian

DT Pro cannot read the text content or render unknown file types.

If you wish to capture the text of such a file, the trick is to invoke the Print command while viewing it under it’s native application. When the Print panel appears, click on the PDF button and choose “Save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt”. That will save a PDF version of the file into your database.