Cannot empty the trash anymore

After having certainly made a bad manipulation while moving files and folders, I can no longer empty the trash can whose contents appear with a line across.

I quit DTP, checked and optimized the databases, I get no error message.

What should I do to?

Thanks for your advice!

The items in the trash are indexed, as indicated by the little icon to the right. I suppose you not being able to delete them is related to this fact.

As so often, I’m just thinking out loud here: take a look at this post by Jim some while back.

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I tried to reset the alerts as mentionned in this post but nothing changed, I’m still unable to empty the trash :frowning:

Since upgrading to 3.7, I have what I think may be a similar phenomenon; I think :slight_smile:

After emptying DT’s Trash, when I come to empty my system (11.3)'s Trash, I get the ‘…items in use…’ message. ‘Continue’ doesn’t empty the system Trash.

Strangely, ‘Skip’ does.

Everything I have in DT is imported - nothing at all is ever indexed.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Finally I restored a recent backup, sometimes this is the easiest solution.
Thanks to all for your suggestions.

It happens again :frowning:
I start a support ticket asap, thanks for your help!