Cannot get custom meta data

set BEID to get custom meta data for "mdbelink" from theSelection
returns “missing value”. I know it has the value, as I’ve just set it with “add…” function, which works correctly.
Is it a bug or wrong syntax?

The “from” parameter expects a record but the selection is probably a list of records.

This is a previous line:
set theSelection to item 1 of (get selection)

So, this is a record, and I see it in Script Debugger, I see that the value of custom data mdbelink is not “missing”… What’s wrong?

Could you please post the complete script? Thanks!

Found the reason, and think it’s a bug: you should use not the Identifier, but the custom field NAME in “get…” function to get the value. While in “add…” function I used Identifier and all was Ok.

No bugs, I’m sorry, my bad. Just used the names from Script Debugger, where they all are with “md” prefix, like “mdbelink” instead of just “belink” (like in DT Prefs). All the more, when you use this prefix with “add…” function - all works fine as well as without this prefix…