Cannot get evernote legacy to work. want to transfer from evernote to devonthink 3

Unable to get evernote legacy to work. Want simple protocol to transfer evernote files to devonthink 3

What’s the problem with Evernote/Legacy?
This is better addressed in the Evernote forums

Delete and reinstall EV legacy. Sync notebooks into DT one at a time.

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I also faced issues. I installed legacy, and used the import from evernote function but when selecting notebook from Evernote. It takes very long to get something up and running?

So any idea what the latest, best way is to import from evernote into DT as the import function now seems to be broken for the most recent version!

Thanks a lot

As @Eddy23 mentioned as well, when I transitioned from EN to DT just over a year ago, I had to uninstall and reinstall Evernote Legacy before the export feature worked correctly.

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  • And how many notes are you anticipating importing?
  • Is Evernote open when you try using the import command in DEVONthink?

What I have started doing is exporting all the notes in a folder. I can do about 24 at a time and placing them in a new database. Seems to be working. Bit of a pain. But straight forward. Regarding your question, yes. Nothing happens. New version of EN unresponsive. The legacy version never worked for me.


I have a few dozen folders, maybe 1000 notes altogether, something like that

Try separating the export and import steps
Using Evernote/Legacy; can you export a notebook to a .enex file

Correct. Evernote broke inter-application communication with Evernote 10.

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Assuming that Evernote v10 still does not support AppleScript, that is not surprising.

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I now exported it to ENEX and dropped that into DT and that gave me a group with notes.

Not sure what is not included with this method? as I am just transferring notebook by notebook.

That’s a viable alternative method. And transferring notebook-by-notebook is a good idea.

I would check if date-of-creation/modification has been moved, as well as GEO location and, of course, the Tags.

+1 on what @rpallred and @Eddy23 mentioned. I was only using Legacy EN and I moved to DT only about a month ago and moved 9,000 notes over from 1-Notebook and had no issues on export, or import, although it did take a not insignificant time on each end.

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