Cannot import mail from using menu command

Hi guys. I’m trying to import email from into DTO Pro 2 and am having problems. I can drag and drop messages just fine – they appear in DTO Pro 2 as I would expect them to. However, when I highlight them in and use the command “Add to Devonthink Pro Office” in the message menu, they appear in the same inbox corrupted. I’ve tried deinstalling and reinstalling the plugin, but that hasn’t worked. Any other ideas much appreciated.

Btw, I’m using DT Pro 2 v2.3.4 and v5.2 (1257) – all on Mac OS X 10.7.3

“Corrupted” meaning they are unreadable, or that they don’t look like email messages?

If you click the “text alternative” button, how do your message appear in DEVONthink?