Cannot import pdfs anymore

Sorry if this has already been mentioned or added to the “known issues” (which I cannot find). I cannot import pdfs into Devonthink Pro anymore since updating to beta 4 yesterday. The bookmarklet does not work for pdfs, nor do old “archive links”, drag & drop right into a folder, on the Devon symbol or anything else… :open_mouth: Any ideas anyone? I will store pdfs somewhere else for a while but suggestions and solutions are welcomed very much :slight_smile:

Which DEVONthink application are you using, and which version?

Have you recently added any utility that might cause operating system errors, e.g., Unsanity haxies, Safari add-ons, etc.?

I am currently using the newest beta of Devonthin Pro 2.0pb4. Safari is 3.2.1 but I have tried to import in other ways than using Safari. Plus I am kind of a standart user not doing wild things to his machine and not adding crazy stuff…

Edit: After some restarts I have been able to import pdf via dragging it into DT, but the bookmarklet does not do anything in Safari if a pdf is concerned. It works for normal webpages, though I have to click several times to open it. A folder on my desktop, which has been scripted for importing into DT does not import pdfs too anymore (but it does import anything else, but much more slowly than before). So basicly I can import pdfs into DT, which for the moment is good. But my options to do so have been limited down by using 2.0pb4 - which I can live with. Nevertheless my problems might hint to something intersting for you.

Those (esp. The Bad Ape) ought to be outlawed and punishable by a fine of not less than $1000.

I’m currently having the same issue with PDF imports. I’m using DT pro latest beta. When I’m in appercu and want to “save PDF to DT” I get a printing error message from appercu. The workarround I did find is to save the pdf and drag the file to the sorter. Any help / fix would be welcome,