Cannot input tags from iOS Print menu?

Not sure if this is just me, possibly related to my choice of 3rd party iOS keyboard? When I print on iOS, then 3D touch to call up the PDF, then clip to DTTG - whereas I can tap on the tag icon, a keyboard is not triggered to allow one to type it in.

Anyone else see this?

Confirmed, but in a different way.

I don’t have a 3D touch device (iPhone 6), but when I ‘zoom’ out on the Print Image (pinch outward on the image) the PDF option is available, upon using Clip to DTTG when the 3rd Party keyboard (Gboard in my example) the keyboard will not come up. If I cancel the clip, then change to the default keyboard in a different text field and repeat the same process as above with the default keyboard tagging works.

Interesting. Not seeing this with a Logitech wireless keyboard.

@BlueFrog Software 3rd Party keyboards, not hardware. Gboard is one I use, but I also tested the TextExpander software keyboard and it happens with both. I don’t use an external keyboard, but I assume that it wouldn’t affect anything as it is really just the iOS keyboard mapped to external keys over Bluetooth or connector.

Noted. I’m not seeing a problem with the Word Flow iOS Keyboard.

Good to know it’s not just me - thanks!

It’s interesting I’m not seeing an issue with the Microsoft Word Flow iOS keyboard.

Just tried Word Flow as well and it worked. But both GBoard and TextExpander keyboards did not work. Not sure if there is a memory issue related to those keyboards which Word Flow has somehow avoided, or if there is another issue.

I don’t know if there’s anything WE can do, but I filed an issue, just in case.

Appreciate it - and yes, I too use the Google one, and Textexpander.