cannot install v2.0.3 and DTPO won't start

Oh great. After reading the note of caution about problems with the automatic update from within DTPO, I proceeded to download version 2.0.3 by downoading it from the website. Installing from the diskimage resulted in this error message:

The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -36.)

After a restart I was finally able to install the new version. However, it has no icon, has so far refused to start and dragging the new version to the applications folder again results in seeing the above error message again. :frowning:

Can something be done to solve this problem, please?

Make sure that the Sorter is not running when you install the new version. The Sorter app is in the DEVONthink app package, so an older version cannot be fully overwritten while the Sorter is still active.

thanks for taking the time to remind me of the Sorter. Quitting it before installing the update finally avoided the dreaded error message. You made my day.

I would normally rank myself as technophile, I love playing around with my Mac and understanding why things work but I don’t need this with a tool I depend on for my daily work.
I did take notice of the fact that something was fouled up with the automatic update and acted accordingly but not even that was enough to ensure an upgrade without pain. Worse, the upgrade resulted in me not having access to my data for around two hours.
The installation process does not quit the Sorter for me, which would be the preferred option. There is no hint in the accompanying documentation that one has to quit the Sorter manually or how to do it. The error message is totally cryptic. This is exactly the situation I was confident I had gotten rid of when leaving the Windows world behind me. This “I can muck around in the registry and I am proud of it” attitude will no doubt keep the user base smaller than necessary.
No offense meant, I love DTPO as a product but perhaps something should be done to decrease the vital necessity to maintain technical awareness for the tool. I would rather stay focused on the task at hand and so I think are many potential users.


PS: DTPO still runs without its icon but at least it is running.

Quit DT, remove the invisible icon from the Dock, and launch DT.