Cannot move items out of Global Inbox

I have been trying to drag a bunch of items out of the global inbox into another database, but they just bounce back. I can manage it with some items but not all. There is no clue why it won’t accept them either. I have DTPO 2.9.2, there are no updates at the moment.

What type of items can you move? What type can you not move? Have you rebooted your machine?

Mostly emails, because that’s mostly what I am filing. Also one PDF, so it’s not just emails.

Rebooted and restarted, also repaired and optimized my databases.

When you try to move, are you dragging the item on top of an item in the “Open Databases” section of the sidebar, or are you dragging it on top of database in the “Recent Databases” or a database in the “Favorites” section of the sidebar. If you drag something from the Global Inbox onto a database in “Favorites”, for example, and that database is closed, or if the favorite is a group in a database that is closed, then the item will “bounce back” to the Global Inbox.

The destination always has to be open and available to receive dragged items.

In the Globals section, the Inbox. Dragging to another open database, in the sidebar, as I have been doing for about 5-6 years now.

I’m sorry to hear that. If you can capture a screen video and send it to DEVONthink Support if would help them in possibly diagnosing the root cause. I would not post a video here for privacy reasons.

The most likely reason is that the target database contains already an email with the same ID (and unique IDs are required by the synchronization). But this should be logged to Windows > Log.

Yeah it looks like that was the issue, actually I think the issue was that they were moved and for some reason sync put them back, so I had duplicates. I haven’t been able to replicate the circumstances where that happened though.